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Kibbi Meat   $1.75/pc   $21.00/dozen  
            Ground beef & bulgur with ground sirloin & pine nut filling       
Kibi Vegetarian $1.75/pc $21.00/dozen 

Mashed pumpkin & bulgur with onion, walnut & pomegranate filling

Kibbi Djaaj $1.75/pc $21.00/dozen

Ground breast of chicken & bulgur with ground chicken, onion & pine nut filling

Fatayer Spinach $1.50/pc $18.00/dozen

Pastry triangle filled with spinach, onion & lemon

Fatayer Spinach II $1.50/pc $18.00/dozen

Pastry triangle filled with spinach, onion lemon & walnut




 a filo dough with spinach and feta cheese

Sfeeha $1.50/pc $18.00/dozen

Pastry filled with beef, onion, labni and pomegranate

Lahm Bil Ajeen $1.50/pc $18.00/dozen

Pastry filled with ground beef, onion, tomato, bell peppers, vinegar, pomegranate and pine nuts 

Sambousik Meat $1.75/pc $21.00/dozen

Flaky pastry filled with ground beef, onion & parsley

Sambousik Cheese $1.75/pc $21.00/dozen

Flaky pastry filled with Bulgarian feta, halloumi cheese & spices

Cigarettes $1.75/pc $21.00/dozen

Thin dough filled with Bulgarian feta, and halloumi cheese

Manakeesh Thyme $1.50/pc $18.00/dozen

 Round pastry topped with thyme, sesame seed & olive oil

Manakeesh Kishk $1.50/pc $18.00/dozen

Round pastry topped with kishk, olive oil, onion & spices

Mini Pizza $2.25/pc $27/dozen

Round pastry with special pizza sauce & choice of topping

Mousakhan $2/pc $24/dozen

Mini lavash filled with chicken, onion, sumac, lemon & spices

Warak Inab bil Zeit

Hand rolled grape leaves with vegetables, rice & spices

Warak Inab bil Laham

Hand rolled grape leaves with ground beef, rice, lemon & spices

Hummos / Tahini

Chick peas puree mixed with tahini, garlic & lemon

Baba Ghannouj

Smoked puree eggplant with tahini, garlic & lemon

Garlic Spread

Smooth garlic puree with oil & lemon


Red Pepper puree, walnut, oil, Lemon Spices

Foul Moudammas

 Fava beans with chick peas, tomato, parsley, garlic & Lemon

Mezza Vegetable Platter

Assorted fresh vegetables served with tahini sauce


Fresh Dandellion sauteed with garlic & lemon topped with fried onions

Fava beans with Olive Oil

Sauteed green fava beans with cilantro, garlic, onion & lemon

Shrimp Cocktail

Jumbo Shrimp with our own cocktail sauce

Fried Shrimp

Breaded jumbo shrimp with pastry spices & Cocktaill sauce